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A growing family needs more space!

How can one tiny baby need so much space?

The average home will be turned upside down, re-organised, thoroughly cleaned, decorated and disinfected several times over before the new arrival even graces their new home.  It’s probably worth thinking very early on, when your “nesting urge” is at its height, about branching out into an attic room or choosing one of many space endowing conservatories that are on offer.

The great thing about a conservatory of course, is that it can be turned into a playroom or place to hold “Mums and babies afternoon teas”.  Full of light and warmth, it is an ideal space to store toys when not in use or to put a playpen when the baby is large enough to enjoy warm sunshine radiating through the window panels.

It’s easy to find a special door gate to ensure little ones don’t escape either into the rest of the house or into the garden.  The Conservatory can be covered in safe based floor rugs and blankets can be put on top to add even more comfort for playing.

Since the expense of a baby can add up big time, it’s probably better to factor in the cost of a Conservatory or attic room at the beginning of baby’s life, rather than when she or he is of school age.  In due course siblings may arrive and – well, let’s just say that family expenditure is bound to increase and in today’s financial climate, it’s better to act sooner rather than later.