Health and Beauty In Pregnancy

These days it is very common to see yoga in pregnancy classes advertised. Yoga has become somewhat fashionable over the past decade. It is very good for and encourages good posture which is very easy to lose during pregnancy. Practicing yoga throughout pregnancy will also help you prevent things such as backache, which is very common. It is very important for any pregnant woman to make sure any yoga teacher she visits is a reputable one and this should be checked out before any yoga takes place. Staying active through walking is a fantastic way to stay fit throughout any pregnancy. Walking is straight forward, you do not need any special equipment and it is free. For any pregnant woman who goes out walking regularly to keep fit, it would probably be a good idea to make sure during the later stages of the pregnancy to have somebody with her or least always have a mobile phone to hand.

There are so many products out there that have a version intended for pregnancy. A good example it vitamins, special multi vitamins are available for mums to be. This is especially useful if you happen to be a very fussy eater. As with anything during pregnancy care should betaken to not over consume vitamins. Too much of anything is bas for any human but especially so during pregnancy. A pregnant woman should also be mindful of what foods she is eating if taking vitamins. Perhaps she is already consuming enough of a particular vitamin and really does not need any more. More is not always best.

The normal hair lose all women experience during their life stops during pregnancy. This will result in most pregnant women feeling their hair is thicker than usual. After the pregnancy hair loss will probably be little more than normal for about a year. This is the hair you would have lost normally coming out. This all settles down after about twelve months. This change in your hair is down to the changes in hormones. It is not entirely unusual to grow hair on other parts of the body, that you did not have before during pregnancy. Again this is down to the hormone changes and will go back to the pre-pregnancy state in about year after the birth.

A woman’s skin will really feel the effects of pregnancy as well. This is also due to rapid changes in hormones and like hair should return to normal after the delivery. A woman may find her skin dry and itchy due to the stretching of skin. A good moisturizer will help with this and it is also helpful to keep this moisturizer in the fridge as it will help cool itchy skin. Another skin complaint during pregnancy is stretch marks. Given their name you would expect them to result just from the stretching of the skin but it is thought they are also due to the hormone changes. Stretch marks are thought to be hereditary as well so if it something your mother experienced through pregnancy you probably will too. Stretch marks do fade and become far less noticeable twelve-eighteen months after the delivery. During a woman’s pregnancy it is a very good idea to apply vitamin e oil to the abdominal area daily to help the skin as it stretches and this may help prevent stretch marks occurring.

For a woman who usually has salon beauty treatments pregnancy can be a hard time. A lot of regular salon treatments are not prohibited during pregnancy. Saunas, massages and spa’s are thought to be dangerous due to the temperature. No intensive or invasive treatments are permitted. It is also considered inappropriate to have any kind of false nails applied during pregnancy as the chemicals involved in the process can seep through the skin and into the blood stream. For the women who enjoy regular salon visits there are now special treatments created with pregnancy in mind. These treatments will only use natural ingredients and will be concentrated on the areas of the body that need it most during pregnancy, probably the feet and ankles.

Spider and varicose veins are also something that some women notice during pregnancy. They are brought about by the dramatic increase in weight on the legs and again by hormone changes. Not all women will experience them but they are fairly common complaints. Using compression stockings and resting legs as often as possible is advisable during pregnancy if these complaints run in your family.

Some women have beauty routines that simply cannot apply during pregnancy. The use of hair colors during pregnancy is not really safe, simply because of the chemicals that are present in them. The chemicals, if they come into contact with the scalp, could go through your skin and the be present in the body. Another way chemicals could end up inside your body is by inhaling the fumes when it is being applied to your head. Some feel it is OK to use hair colors during the first trimester others say it is not. I feel most decide to sit on the side of caution and not dye their hair with chemicals during pregnancy. There is a whole range of vegetable based hair colors on the market and most health food shops have a range or at least would be able to tell you where they are stocked.

The approach during pregnancy should always be to try and reduce the amount of chemicals that may enter your body. From hair products to cleaning fluids all activities should be assessed. Any pregnant woman should be asking herself is there anything I can do differently?

Trying to embrace pregnancy should be the key. If a woman usually uses fake tan regularly and will not during her pregnancy she may feel very self conscious without it. The warm glow of your skin will more than make up for the lack of tan. To give your baby the best start in life does not begin in the delivery room it is from the very moment of conception.

In 2007 there were roughly 1890 babies born every day. That is an awful lot of woman going through pregnancy and a lot of women looking for answers to many questions and experiencing a lot of things I have pointed out above. Not surprisingly pregnancy and babies are a huge market in the UK. In life most people would agree the easier things are the better. This applies to pregnancy as well. If a woman can practice an exercise that will ease her aching back or use a lotion that will soothe her aching feet will probably will use it. offers great advice on health and beauty when pregnant, so if you wish to get anymore tips head over.