Pregnancy Information

Pregnancy can see a woman blooming or aching, either way it is one of the most precious times in a woman’s life. A woman will see her physical and emotional state change, sometimes dramatically; This can be difficult at times. It is more important than ever to look after yourself when you are pregnant. There are obvious things like supporting your back while to copes with the strain of your ever increasing bump at the front. Resting your feet whenever possible is also a good piece of advise as they try to cope will all the extra weight bearing, especially towards the end of the pregnancy.

All pregnant women should be aware of the importance of keeping active during pregnancy. The demands of labour are exhausting and generally a woman will cope better if she is physically fit. So staying active could be the difference between coping really well during labour and finding it more difficult.

Throughout a woman’s pregnancy she may find herself even busier than usual, this will make it harder to take it easy. There will be anti-natel classes and lots of shopping to do. Decisions to make that you may not know where to start with. All of this on top of your usual workload.

With so many demands and so much going on there has never been more of an emphasis on looking after yourself. Having some dedicated ‘me time’ is a good place to start. Putting aside one hour per day, no matter how busy you are is good.

Very rarely is something so important that it cannot wait an hour.