Shopping for baby equipment part two


The basics you will need for your baby from day one include:
Cot/Crib or Moses basket
Pram/Buggy – suitable from birth
Bedding – pick suitable material suitable for babies soft skin
Towel for baby – again pick a variety suitable for babies
Changing mat
Nappies and baby wipes
Baby clothing
Breast Pads
Scratch mittens

Baby clothes are a part of shopping that can be very exciting. It is important to remember that babies grow very quickly and buying too much of the same size would be wasteful. Being practical is always key when it comes to shopping for babies and being prepared is also key. Making sure you have a small amount of every kind of clothing is best. Baby clothes, like adults can be bought in high end luxury stores or cheaper high street alternatives. As people become more aware of the things that effect us and our children we see organic cotton becoming more widely available in all baby shops. Organic cotton is more expensive, but softer and will mean there is less likelihood the babies skin will become irritated. It is important to bear in mind things such as buttons and zips. These should not contact the babies skin as its likely this cause irritation. Making sure the outfit is practical is of the upmost importance, if an outfit is difficult to put on this will cause frustration especially when you will be changing the babies nappy regularly.

Babies do not really need shoes. Socks are sufficient and booties keep babies feet nice and warm. Remember when you are shopping to be aware of what season your baby will be born in. In would be very easy to get carried away while walking around a baby shop but what your looking at in the shop may not be appropriate when your baby arrives.

Other essentials you need when baby shopping will include a cot. This could be a basic cot or a cot that become a bed as your baby grows. Moses baskets are another option although they will not last as long. The advantage of Moses baskets are the fact that they are more mobile. This is most advantageous for the kind parents that travel a lot. Blankets, car seats and feeding utensils are all important. I feel it is important to not get carried away with what a product looks like but first consider how practical it is. Always ask yourself ‘Will I really that’, it is easy will the amount of baby equipment on the market to think you must need it all – but this is rarely the case.